Keeping the mud below.

Oh Hell. It’s time.

My lovely DeAnna has made a blog, which means I really need to get the ball rolling on mine.

I adore language, dialogue, and wording. I read everything, instantly and impulsively. English was one of my strongest subjects in school, and I really love to write whenever I can. More specifically, I like to type and to tell stories. I tend to be overly descriptive. In spite of that, I hate to do any actual pen and ink writing. My hands protest and hurt every time, but I think it’s all about how I hold my pen; with a death grip. My penmanship is absolute chicken scratch. The really ironic part is that I possess somewhat artistical talents; I can draw, sculpt and paint when I want to, and my hands hardly ever object to this. Also, I’m a lefty. I don’t curl my hand around and write upside down or hold my paper sideways like some, so I get that lovely black smear on the side of my hand and across my paper.

I wasn’t meant to script, so my hands say. Thankfully, there’s such thing as Qwerty.

I intended to have a blog already. Motivation is key, and it took me over two years to make a first post. I made this blog in February 2009. This was back when every day was spent either on the back of/ or revolved around a half ton animal. My job was horse related, my hobbies were horse related, my friends were horse related. This was what this blog was originally for, and where the title came from.

My barn owner has her own brand; it is composed of a straight line and a two humped squiggly sign. It means “The mud below and the sky above,” and that would accurately describe the life here in Louisiana, especially from the back of a half ton beast. This phrase has always stuck with me since I’ve heard it, and I think I’ve manifested more meaning in it than what it originally entailed. To me, this is what it is all about. Keeping the mud below you; whether it be physical or mental mire.

Although life has caught up with me and I’m not as equine involved as I was those two years ago, I still think very much in the terms of Horsaii. The things I learn from horses, I apply to my every day life. There is so much parallelism to be found. It really is a long way down; whether it be off of the back of that half ton beast, or a fall in life. Every year that passes, it hurts a little more to fall than it used to.

So, I try to keep that mud below me, and this is what this blog is about.

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